Badir – Oasis500 is holding its 2nd training bootcamp in Riyadh on October 24th, 2015

About us



We at Badir – Oasis500 strive to create opportunities for individuals to establish their own innovative companies in the fields of ICT, digital media and mobile applications, and provide the resources necessary to accomplish their objectives. One of our stellar offerings is Badir – Oasis500 comprehensive training bootcamp that is regarded by many as the leading entrepreneurship and business training for ICT startups in the MENA region.

We are currently offering our entrepreneurship training boot camp and investments for entrepreneurs in Saudi, to help them pursue their dreams. The entire Badir – Oasis500 team strives to grow that seed you have planted and help develop the fruits of your success. And to help you sharpen your tools, global and regional experts will be leading several of our sessions at the bootcamp, where they will be guiding you and giving you the essence of their journey in the fields of investments, entrepreneurship, ICT and starting a business.

We will be giving sessions in IT marketing, setting up your pitch deck to investors and also our perceptive on dealing with failures, and most importantly taking your startup from an early stage company to a growth stage company.

We want you to be prepared for the real life circumstances that are faced by all thriving businesses and so we challenge our entrepreneurs with real life experiences and provide a variety of comprehensive skills to truly help you excel!

We strongly believe in learning by doing and apply this to our entrepreneurs experience by practicing and rehearsing real world scenarios providing them with genuine development skills. Our entrepreneurship training program is completely diverse from any you may encounter and will leave you knowing how much closer you are to the start of a new journey.



About Badir

BADIR is a Technology Incubator Program launched by King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in 2007. The word ‘Badir’ means ‘to initiate’. Badir is a national program aimed at accelerating the growth of emerging technology based businesses in Saudi Arabia.

BADIR vigorously strives to advance, promote and support technology innovation and entrepreneurship across Saudi Arabia through comprehensive national programs and strategic policy initiatives supporting entrepreneurship in cooperation with governmental entities, private sector, and universities.



About Oasis500

Oasis500 is a leading early stage and seed investment company, the first of its kind in Jordan and the MENA region. Its programs include entrepreneurship training, mentorship guidance, business incubation and additional follow-up investment and funding if required. Oasis500 turns new business ideas into startups and helping existing entrepreneurs grow their companies with its angel investor and mentor networks. Oasis500 nurtures creative ideas in information technology (IT), mobile and digital media.

Investment Criteria

What does it take to be rewarded an investment?


A clear description of the problem that your business is trying to solve in the market. Present a value proposition and provide what customer need/pain the product/service addresses.

Market and Competitive Landscape

Your business must address a large or growing market opportunity, and you clearly understand the customer segments and competitive landscape in your target market(s). Demonstrate that your product is different or competitively viable.


We invest in technologies in the ICT sector related to mobile, web, cloud, e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, enterprise software, digital news, digital advertising, and social networks.


We look for teams of high-quality entrepreneurs with a thorough and credible execution plan. We also look at your team’s passion for and commitment to the new business idea.

Business Model

We would like to have a clear understanding of how your product/service will generate revenue.

Financial Return

We require well-conceived financial projections, based on sound assumptions, demonstrating consistent profits and cash flow growth.


Training Date: 24th- 28th of October
between 8:00AM - 4:30PM
Application Deadline: 20th of October
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Badir – Oasis500 Bootcamp focuses on various aspects of the business world specifically launching ICT businesses. The typical Bootcamp entrepreneurship training workshop includes the following:



Investment and business terms
Revenues and cost forecast
Income statement workshop

Technology Marketing and the Chasm

Creating a growth IT business. crossing the chasm.
Technology start-up marketing

Branding & Marketing

Executive summary and Investment focused Company profiles
Persona, customer segmentation and branding


How to pitch to investors and essential tips
Live pitches and pitch assessments

Group Interactions and Exercises

Daily successful case studies from regional and local entrepreneurs
Sales lifecycle
Why companies fail, what to avoid
Teamwork and time management

Business Model

Introduction to creating a business model canvas
Customer profiling/segmentation
Value proposition
case studies and practical workshops


Registration for the boot camp has ended. The date for the next boot camp will be announced soon. To apply for Badir incubators, please visit



How much funding should I expect once I become a BADIR Oasis500 company?

Our average initial investment is SAR116,000 (Approx. USD $31,000), of which about SAR53,000 are in cash and SAR63,000 are in services. In return Oasis500 becomes a partner in the business with a share of 10-20% (for already established businesses, partnership percentage may vary according to the startups valuation in the market, and current achievements). After thorough research, this sum has been proven to be sufficient for sustaining your company for three months and coming up with a substantial prototype that will take you to the next level. You will also receive a nice place to work if you want to in our accelerator (incubator), legal services, marketing, public relations services and much more. Most importantly, you will get priceless value through the connections and advice you’ll be acquiring when you start your company with BADIR Oasis500, and also through the opportunity to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program during our Angel Investor Week.


What kind of companies does BADIR Oasis500 fund?

We fund technology-oriented companies, typically in the areas of Information Technology (IT), Mobile and Digital Media.


Is there anything else we should expect from BADIR Oasis500, other than funding?

We offer training boot camps, office space for the incubation period at our offices in Riyadh, including amenities, first round of funding for those who excel in the training, second round of funding for those who manage to grow after the first stage of incubation (investment amount depends on the valuation of the company at second investment stage), legal, marketing, PR, investment, operational, and financial advice and coaching, mentoring during incubation, networking opportunities with successful businessmen and businesswomen, and finally a round of Angel funding for the companies who are ready for it.


How long is the incubation/ acceleration period?

The incubation period is for three-eight months depending on the stage of funding of the company. For the first round of funding, which is granted to those who excel in the training program and have an investment ready idea, companies can stay up to four months in BADIR Oasis500 incubators. If the company is granted the second round of funding, they can stay up to eight months. This is a great chance for you to get to know each other, the BADIR Oasis500 team and to continuously exchange and benefit from each other’s experiences and knowledge.


Once we receive the funding, does BADIR Oasis500 get any equity in my company?

In exchange for the help and services that we provide for the entrepreneur and the Company, Oasis500 receives a 10-20% equity stake in your company. We want to be thought of as an experienced and well-connected co-founder so we share the same risk and reward system.


Why is BADIR Oasis500 interested in receiving shares in my company?

We believe that the value of learning, networking, and coaching provided by our program is of remarkable value. The BADIR Oasis500 program will provide you with the stepping stone and will significantly increase your chances for success and sustainability. Once we invest, we’re motivated to help you succeed by introducing you to people who can help, assisting you with methodologies and strategies, networking, coaching.


Why is BADIR Oasis500 doing all this?

We just want to create opportunities for Saudis to be their own bosses, to create their own companies, to raise the economy and create job opportunities.


During the incubation period, do I have to be at BADIR Oasis500 the whole time?

No. It’s your company so you are free to come and go as you see fit. But we do require that you mainly be based here during the incubation/acceleration period. This is an advantage for you because you can take benefit of the numerous learning opportunities, networking and coaching that will be provided. BADIR Oasis500 is a major commitment, and we expect you to be around most of the time.


After completing the three month incubation/acceleration period, do I have to stay in Riyadh?

No. It’s your company; you can take it with you wherever you want.


What happens if we need further funding?

We provide the seed funding to get you going, but you may need more funding to make it further. Towards the end of the three-month program, we’ll organize an Angel Investor Event where angel investors and venture capitalists from all over the country and region will check out your technology and listen to your pitch. We’ll coach you so you’re as effective as possible, and we’ll do everything we can to help get you follow on funding. We may also fund your company ourselves in some cases.


What other opportunities will we benefit from during this period (networking and educational wise)?

About two or three times per week, we will organize an informal event and invite our mentors to speak on a relevant topic. These will be presented by highly successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, legal experts, venture capitalists and investment bankers. Sometimes, we’ll just organize a brief talk with Q&A by a CEO or CTO of a well-known local startup.


What happens if my company fails?

Things happen, and well, at least you tried. You’ll still have an impressive resume item for your next plan that will look way better than almost anything else you could have spent your time doing. Also, you will have met a large number of smart and well-connected people who can help you tremendously with whatever you decide to do next. Hopefully that will be another startup.


Upon giving BADIR Oasis500 shares in my company, how much control do they have over the company?

We don’t have any controlling interests in your company and we won’t ask for any uncommon investor rights. We want to be viewed as a co-founder, and we expect to have all the same rights as any other founder, relative to our minority ownership position.


What are the chances of getting accepted into BADIR Oasis500 if I am a single founder?

While we don’t screen applications just because they have a single founder, it does make things more difficult. We look for sufficient, balanced teams who have a full range of skills. We strongly advise you to seek co-founders who balance your skill set. For example, if you’re a strong developer, you might consider adding someone with business and/or marketing experience. If you’re a great business evangelist with no developer, it’s very unlikely we’ll accept you into the program.


Is there a certain criteria regarding the companies you accept?

We will choose founders who are proposing products that solve a real pain in the industry. For us, it’s about the team. Because of this reason, we’re less likely to accept single founder companies. The best things you can do to strengthen your application are:

  • Round out your team with business, technical and other necessary skills.
  • Make progress on your prototype or product and reference it in the application.
  • Show us you’ve really thought about your business and have gotten out of your comfort zone to do something about it.


Is there a specific age range you are expecting?

No. However the typical age range we’re expecting of our founders is 25-40 years old, but we definitely would consider younger and older founders as well.


Is it required that I send in a business plan?

No. Just fill out the informal online application. In fact, we don’t want to see your business plan even if you have one.


Where can I check for updates and news?

Check the website for deadlines, announcements, and other news.


During the acceleration/incubation period, is there a daily routine for the entrepreneurs?

It’s your company, so you’ll be hard at work on your product. You can choose to work out of premises if you’d like, or you can work anywhere else that you might prefer. About two or three nights a week, we’ll organize informal educational sessions with our mentors. We also expect many of the mentors to drop in to BADIR Oasis500 at various times throughout the program. In general, you’ll be working on your product every day, just like all of the other founders in the program. We don’t tell you what to do or when, but we create an environment that is crucial to helping your startup every day. Also, we’ll make sure you have many experienced mentors around to help you.


Is BADIR Oasis500 restricted to Saudis only?

No. As long as you and your team can be in Saudi Arabia legally for the duration of the three-month program, please do.


Does my company have to be established in order to get accepted to BADIR Oasis500?

No. We accept companies with no more than an idea and a vision. One of the great things about BADIR Oasis500 is that we help you refine your idea and business model. Likewise, no company is too far along to apply!


Is it possible to receive funding without attending the training? Is it possible to go to the Angel round directly?

Certain companies will be eligible for funding directly, yes. We will assess what stage you and your company are at, and arrange how we can progress together accordingly.


Is my intellectual property protected when I apply?

We won’t show your application to anyone outside of BADIR Oasis500; for this and other reasons, please don’t ask us to sign an NDA. Our application does not ask for your “secret sauce”, and there is no reason you have to disclose this to us if you’re not comfortable doing so.


Are we still qualified to join BADIR Oasis500 if our team outsources software development?

Yes. We think it is best not to outsource what you are, but it obviously works in some cases. We’re happy to consider any application.


Do I get a certificate stating that I have completed the Training Boot Camp?

Candidates are eligible for training certificates from BADIR Oasis500 accrediting 36 hours of training, after they complete the pitching stage.


What else?

After you apply, please wait for us to contact you, not the other way around.